Lost Wages

What Are Lost Wages?

Lost wages, or lost income, refers to the money you would have earned but didn’t because you could not work after injury. Not only does this include hourly wages, but it may also include sick or vacation days, tips, and commission.

What Do Lost Wages NOT Include?

The standard definition for lost wages does not include certain career losses, like the loss of a promotion or a bonus, or diminished future earnings. However, you may still be able to get compensated for these by an insurance company through other means. If you were seriously injured and will face long-term problems with work, you should consult an attorney.

What If I Am Self-Employed?

If you work for yourself, the lost income is not in the form of a regular paycheck. Instead, you will need to show that you missed opportunities like projects or sales.

How Do I Claim Lost Wages?

To claim lost wages as damages in an injury case, you may need certain documents to show how much you need to be compensated for. This may include pay stubs, income tax forms, or other paperwork from your employer. You may also need a doctor’s note to verify that your time off work was necessary because of the injuries you sustained.

Finding out how much lost income you are entitled to is difficult and proving it to an insurance company is even more so. Seeking the help of an experienced injury attorney will make the process easier and help ensure fair compensation.