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We proudly represent military members and their families who have been injured in accidents.
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We proudly represent military members and their families who have been injured in accidents. Our location in Kitsap County has led to us representing active duty Navy personnel and their families for many years. Whether stationed at the Bangor Sub base, Bremerton, or Keyport, we are blessed to have sailors and their families in our community. We also represent military and civilians associated with Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM). Attorney Steve Franklin continues to serve as a Navy JAG Officer in the reserves. Attorney John Kauffman is a retired Navy JAG Officer, and attorney Chris Lund served as an officer in the Air Force. We have successfully represented members of all branches of the military as well as members of the Coast Guard. We are intimately familiar with the applicable law and circumstances that are unique to military members.

Military members and their families, whether they be Navy, Marines, Army, or Air Force, face unique issues when they are injured in an accident that require special attention. These issues come into play whether you are active duty, reserves, retired, or a dependent. Military members and their dependents often obtain their medical care from military medical treatment facilities somewhere on base. These medical records and corresponding “billings” which are required to successfully pursue a claim can be difficult to obtain. Also, acquiring the necessary supportive medical evidence, such as the testimony of a treating military doctor, can also be difficult and requires the understanding of the applicable limitations and restrictions. Furthermore, under the Medical Care Recovery Act (MCRA), the military is entitled to be reimbursed for the care they provided from any settlement you receive. Without experienced legal representation, you may wind up paying the majority of your settlement proceeds back to the military. We are skilled at negotiating with the military in these situations in order to maximize your recovery.

Military members also deal with many issues that their civilian counterparts do not. There are frequent relocations on PCS orders to locations around the globe. This may mean that medical treatment for an injury or condition takes place across many states or even countries. Also, there are unique logistical considerations that often need to be considered. For example, an injured military member may now live in Germany but may have a personal injury claim that needs to be pursued in Washington State.

Military personnel also have special sensitivities to the career implications of their injuries and may wish to keep an injury hidden from their chain of command for fear that it may impact their promotion potential. Or if they are placed on limited duty, there may be lost opportunities that affect the amount of special pay or salary they receive. The military places a high emphasis on physical readiness and an injury can disrupt or destroy a military career. At the same time, the pressure to get back to full duty and a full level of activity might negatively impact your recuperation from injury and have impacts upon your personal injury case.

We understand these issues and fight hard for those who fight for us. Schedule your free case evaluation today.

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